The land opposite Morrisons’ main entrance time  has been left abandoned and attempts to contact the trust, who now hold the deeds to the land, have failed.  It is even believed that there is a covenant on the land stating that it should never be sold or developed ever again.

Several years ago Leeds City Council took the initiative to clear a lot of the rubbish and abandoned cars that had been left on the site.  Since then it has been used as a free car park by the people of Horsforth.  No one knows whether the land owners are aware of this but everyone appreciates a car park in this very useful spot and forgives the fact that the surface is uneven and often muddy.

In spring 2012, just before judging, Horsforth In Bloom started a new project to try and make the car park look a little less of an eyesore.  We requested and were granted a couple of large flower tubs from Leeds City Council.  Volunteers then set them in place and planted them up.  Top soil was donated by a lady from the Newlaithes who was re-landscaping her garden, and flowers were donated and acquired by local businesses and residents of Horsforth.

No complaints were received from the owners of the land, so Horsforth In Bloom continued with the project.  Since the judging in the spring several new flower tubs have been made.  A soil bank alongside the butchers has also been reworked and a lot of new wild flowers have been added into the ground.

In 2016 we approached the gardening group of Creativities (an outcome-focused and fun activities centre for individuals with support needs) and they began assisting with the maintenance of some of the planters.

Further work on the opposite side of the site by the Santander Bank has also been developed, although it proved more difficult than the butcher’s side due to ‘landfill’ rubbish having previously been dumped there. However, Horsforth in Bloom volunteers have persevered to create a more pleasing vista for the local community.

Crabtree Land – opposite Morrisons, Town Street