The triangular piece of land between the Estate Agents, Wm Brown, and Banyan Bar restaurant was in a very sad and unkempt condition. It was a totally overgrown area, with debris looking unsightly, as well as a large cherry tree, which, to a novice looked as though it was being invasive upon the building as well as compromising the Estate Agents roof tiles. For a long time it was always known as the Kobe land but it belongs exclusively to the owners of the land who lease to WH Brown and others.

It was through our intervention and persuasion to the owners and WH Brown that we were allowed to develop the area and consequently work began to:-

  • Completely remove the cherry tree,
  • Repair the roof
  • Repair the ‘Hard standing’ in front of the building

This work commenced in 2014, when the land has been cleared of a large area of the couch grass that did stubbornly not want to be moved. Consequently we treated the area with a propriety weed killer over a period of the two months, which now, seems to have worked.

This area is also the site for a Christmas tree to be erected, supplied by Horsforth Town Council and sponsored by various local businesses’. We would expect that the tree’s location and removal is completed with no or minimal disturbance of existing planting.


Triangle – between Wm Brown’s Estate Agents and Banyan Bar Restaurant (previously Kobe).