The Jubilee clock area has, probably, the most condensed area of activity within our remit containing the wooden planters on and below the clock itself. The two beds that run parallel with Hall Lane were created as a result of unsightly weeds and dock leaves taking over the area. They are now planted with sustainable perennial plants and have made a big improvement to the visual appearance of the area.

The biggest area to be transformed here was the large bed that runs alongside the east wall of the park. Much work was done here to clear the area, dig over and begin to plant perennial shrubs. We also laid a new pathway into the park that allowed us to protect one of the edges of the bed from persons, simply walking over the area to get into the park.

This area always attracts much favourable comment from passing members of the public, especially when it is seen in conjunction with the Horsforth Civic Society planters on the other side of Fink Hill.

Jubilee Clock and Fink Hill Car Park