Horsforth In Bloom wanted to change direction a little for 2014 and concentrate on another area of Horsforth, namely New Road Side, or the A65, which is the main arterial road through the town from Leeds to Skipton and onto The Lake district.

The area is dominated by business companies and we are encouraging them to embrace the concept of working together to enhance the visual appearance of their town.

In 2013 we started by building and siting green wooden planters along the main road and spacing them with other, already established stone planters.

Our aim has been to allow the business’ to realise the potential of the enhanced aesthetic appearance they give to the area.

A solicitor business allowed us to utilise a small building wall belonging to them to create a further stone trough, close to the planters.

In 2017 Horsforth in Bloom decided to have a more structured approach to this area with a consistent theme across the planters.